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[ANN] lua-xmlreader-0.1

A.S. Bradbury
I've just made the first public release of lua-xmlreader.

Description :
   Provides the XmlReader API[1] to Lua applications, using LibXML2[2].
  XmlReader is an API introduced in C# that is arguably easier to use than
  SAX. It is a "pull" interface where you control the reader, which is a
  cursor moving along the document. Call methods such as reader:name() to get
  information about the current node and reader:read() to advance to the next.
  This has the advantage versus a tree model such as DOM that the whole
  document does not need to be loaded into memory at once. The many articles
  and tutorials available online referring to XmlReader/XmlTextReader in C#,
  Java or other languages should all be useful if you want to better
  understand this method of handling XML. You will require the libxml2

  [1] = http://dotgnu.org/pnetlib-doc/System/Xml/XmlReader.html
  [2] = http://xmlsoft.org/

Please see http://asbradbury.org/projects/lua-xmlreader/ for a usage
example. The API is fully documented but probably not as clearly as it
should be yet. Any questions/problems/ideas then let me know.

License: MIT/X11
Homepage: http://asbradbury.org/projects/lua-xmlreader/
Download: http://luaforge.net/projects/lua-xmlreader/
Documentation: http://asbradbury.org/projects/lua-xmlreader/
Bugs: http://code.google.com/p/lua-xmlreader/issues/
Rockspec: http://lists.luaforge.net/pipermail/luarocks-developers/attachments/20080125/063c358a/lua-xmlreader-0.1-1.obj