[ANN] lua-http 0.3 release

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[ANN] lua-http 0.3 release

Hi All,

I'm happy to announce the next release of lua-http.

lua-http is a library that hopes to provide all HTTP operations you
should ever need.
In addition to all the low-level parsing and serialising operations
you might expect,
lua-http provides high level interfaces for writing your own HTTP
server or performing HTTP requests.

I'm pushing out this release as there are a few fixes that have been sitting on master that people have been waiting for.

Included in this release:
  - Fix incorrect Sec-WebSocket-Protocol negotiation
  - Fix incorrect timeout handling in `websocket:receive()`
  - Add workaround to allow being required in openresty (#98)
  - Add http.tls.old_cipher_list (#112)
  - Add http.cookie module (#117)
  - Improvements to http.hsts module (#119)
  - Add `options` argument form to `stream:write_body_from_file()` (#125)