[ANN] lrexlib 2.9.0 released

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[ANN] lrexlib 2.9.0 released

Reuben Thomas-5
I am happy to announce the release of lrexlib 2.9.0,
Lua binding for regex libraries.

  * Add PCRE2 support.

Install it as luarocks lrexlib-gnu-2.9.0, lrexlib-oniguruma-2.9.0,
lrexlib-pcre-2.9.0, lrexlib-pcre2-2.9.0, lrexlib-posix-2.9.0,
lrexlib-tre-2.9.0 (see http://luarocks.org/ )

Most simply:

  luarocks install lrexlib

lrexlib's home page is at http://github.com/rrthomas/lrexlib