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[ANN] lpty 1.1

Gunnar Zötl

this message is to announce the availability of lpty 1.1. lpty is a simple
interface to pty functionality, providing the ability to fork a process and run
it under pty control. It does not try to mimic the posix API but instead focuses
on the function of running and controlling a program.

New since version 1.0.1:

- terminals can now be set to raw mode
- added a simple expect() method.
- added readline() method to read a single line from the pty
- added getflags() method to retrieve the flags the pty was created
- changed option parsing for lpty.new, so that invalid options will
  be recognized as such

You can get lpty from http://www.tset.de/lpty

or via luarocks install lpty.