[ANN] lgi 0.5 Lua binding using gobject-introspection

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[ANN] lgi 0.5 Lua binding using gobject-introspection

Pavel Holejsovsky-2
Hello Lua hackers,

lgi 0.5 (alpha series) was released.  It is available either from
luarocks (luarocks install lgi) or from its new github homepage[1], [2].

Any comments or other feedback will be greatly appreciated, use github
issue tracker [3] for reporting bugs.

Happy hacking!

[1] http://github.com/pavouk/lgi
[2] http://github.com/downloads/pavouk/lgi/lgi-0.5.tar.gz
[3] http://github.com/pavouk/lgi/issues

The list of changes since previous 0.4 version:
- Port gtk3-demo to Lua code. Try running 'lua samples/gtk-demo/main.lua'
- Finish override set for Gtk
- Extend and document features for interfacing lgi with external
libraries (exporting and importing objects and structures via
lightuserdata pointers).
- Fix: a few bugs with resolving bitflags values
- Fix: a few bugs in coroutines-as-callbacks feature
- Fix: workaround for crashing bug in gobject-introspection 1.32.0
- Fix: don't try to squeeze GType into lua_Number any more; this could
cause crashes on some 64bit arches.