[ANN] debugkit 2 - Print debugging, but like, better.

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[ANN] debugkit 2 - Print debugging, but like, better.

Dael Muñiz

Out of the necessity of making the process of print debugging clearer (using colors, numbering, tags, filtering), I decided to make a logging library explicitly for that purpose. It implements the typical sinks, allowing for writing into files, stdout, formatting as JSON, etc. There's only the basics included, but it is completely extensible. It's also highly configurable supporting headers, footers, colors... and not colors, etc. I think it's pretty neat, but that's up to everyone.

It's also really well documented, with snippets and a tutorial in both Lua and MoonScript, and usage should be straightforward.

Anyway, I'm leaving this here, you can also install it on LuaRocks with the package 'debugkit' or 'debugkit-extra' if you want the optional dependencies, although you will need to have libpcre2-dev installed for that.

~ Dael Muñiz (they/them)