[ANN] Suravi 1.0 Beta5 release

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[ANN] Suravi 1.0 Beta5 release

Dibyendu Majumdar
Suravi (https://github.com/dibyendumajumdar/Suravi) aims to be a small
distribution of Lua (www.lua.org) and Ravi
(https://github.com/dibyendumajumdar/ravi) with batteries included.
The packages included in this release are:

* Ravi (with MIR JIT)
* luafilesystem
* lua-protobuf
* luasocket
* lpeglabel
* torch7
* torch7-nn
* torch7-optim
* torch7-autograd
* torch7-cephes
* penlight
* moses
* lua-cjson
* luv (libuv binding)


Ravi has been updated to version 1.0 Beta5.
The Following packages were also updated: luafilesystem, lua-protobuf,


One of the goals of Suravi is to evolve towards an integrated system
of libraries, with unified documentation. This is work in progress,
but you can view the latest documentation at

All feedback welcome!