[ANN] Selene v4 released

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[ANN] Selene v4 released

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce the availability of Selene: Séléné is a lightweight, versatile, massively multi-threaded automation tool, driven by end user customized Lua scripts and acting on MQTT data.
It's main usage is to create automation Lua script dealing with MQTT data (made to deals with IoT / Smart home projects).
Thanks to its DirectFB and Curses plugins, it can be also used to "easily" create Lua driven graphical or textual dashboard feed again by MQTT data : some examples can be found on this (french) page.

Among some functional improvements, this v4 introduces :
  • support to Lua 5.1 (as with previous versions) up to 5.3.
  • correct handling of concurrent multi-threaded Lua scripts in a secure way : I would like to send a warm thanks to this list on which all found all the information to create a safe multi-threaded environment.
Best regards,