[ANN] Restia: Yet another Lua web framework

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[ANN] Restia: Yet another Lua web framework

Dennis Fischer
Greetings mailing list!

Today I'm happy to present to you an early development version of my
project: Restia, a new framework for building websites / web
applications that uses Openresty and Lua.  As far as the technical
aspects go, there's little for me to say that isn't described in more
detail in the readme file.

How to try it out? I wrote a short getting started guide to showcase how
things work in general, and the readme file also describes how to
install and set up the project.

The key differences from other frameworks I'm aiming for are:

- More modularity - As in, components work well even outside the
framework and aren't bound to this one use-case
- Less magic and easier configurability, what I jokingly call
"Convention encoded in generated configuration over headache" in the
readme (referencing Rails' "convention over configuration" aproach)
- Working with openresty instead of on top of it, that is, using the
features it already provides for as much as possible and filling the
gaps with Lua code
- A DRY framework that doesn't re-invent the wheel unless it actually
makes sense.

My ultimate goal isn't really to make "the best" web framework, but
there have been a few things that annoy me about some of the
alternatives and so far building my own take on this type of framework
has been a great learning experience. I really hope you find it useful
or at least mildly interesting to look at!

Geting started:
Repository: https://github.com/darkwiiplayer/restia
Documentation: https://darkwiiplayer.github.io/restia/

Thanks for your attention and I'm looking forward to my code being
roasted :)

-- Dark