[ANN] Ravi (a Lua 5.3 dialect) 1.0 Beta-3 Release with JIT compilation support

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[ANN] Ravi (a Lua 5.3 dialect) 1.0 Beta-3 Release with JIT compilation support

Dibyendu Majumdar
Ravi (http://ravilang.org) is a dialect of Lua 5.3 with multiple JIT
backends and limited optional static typing. I am pleased to announce
that the 1.0 Beta-3 release of Ravi is now available.

This release is aligned with Lua 5.3.5.

The main highlights of this release are:

* New JIT backend based on MIR (https://github.com/vnmakarov/mir) has
been added. This JIT backend is very small yet achieves good
performance when type annotations are used.

* New statement 'defer' has been added. The defer statement introduces
an anonymous closure that will be invoked when the current scope ends,
whether normally or abnormally. This will enable deterministic cleanup
of expensive resources. For details please see

* Support for LLVM 9.0 has been added. Note that Ravi is compatible
with LLVM versions 3.5 and above, except for LLVM 7.0 which has not
been tested

For general information regarding Ravi please visit:


A debug adapter for Ravi is available for Visual Studio Code - the
debug adapter has been updated to the latest version of Ravi. For
further information please visit

All feedback welcome!

Thanks and Regards