[ANN] O'Reilly ebook: Creating Solid APIs with Lua

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[ANN] O'Reilly ebook: Creating Solid APIs with Lua

Tyler Neylon
This is a ~100 page ebook that introduces Lua's C API to coders who
know C, along with some relevant best practices like sandboxing and
compile-time checks for declared globals.


I'm hoping this book will be useful to anyone interested in adding a
scripting interface to their app, such as game developers enabling
game mods, adding an API, or any kind of developer adding an in-house
domain-specific language to their app.

This Medium article gives a sneak peek at the kind of material covered:


The example code in the ebook builds up a kind of (very minimal) game
engine built around text-based graphics. Atop the game engine is a
Pac-Man-like game with a randomly-generated maze and scriptable enemy
behavior. All the code is open source here:


- Tyler