[ANN] Marcel v3.2, MQTT data publishing and alerting deamon released

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[ANN] Marcel v3.2, MQTT data publishing and alerting deamon released

Hi all,

I'm pleased to introduce Marcel, currently released v3.2 (
https://github.com/destroyedlolo/Marcel )

Marcel is a lightweight versatile MQTT daemon being able to :

- data watchdog : it will send an alert if data it subscribed aren't updated during a specified period of time, or tests done by user customized Lua script detect something wrong
- SMS sending when an alert occurs or when it is recovered with an "anti-spaming" protection avoiding multiple sending for the same alert
- publish easily some figures to an MQTT broker

Typical usages are :
- monitors smart housing figures and alerts when a value is outside safe window (freezer or aquarium temperature monitoring, lack of photovoltaics production for long amount of time, home penetration, ...)
- exposing 1wire temperature probe values in the scope of smart housing, publishing UPS figures, ...
- ...

Marcel runs on Linux (and probably any POSIX system). Written in C and multi threaded, it is very lightweight.

It embeds Lua which is used to write custom checks on received values.

In a future version, Lua will be used as well to write custom data publisher.



PS: MQTT is one of the standards used to instant share data in Internet Of Things (IoT) world and used as well for smart housing. Compared to central solution like REST based websolution, the number of data consumers doesn't impact server or network usages.
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