[ANN] LuaStudio 1.8.0 released

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[ANN] LuaStudio 1.8.0 released

Alexander Mokrushyn
LuaStudio - cross-platform software development tool, primarily
focusing on providing access for developers to computer graphics from
Lua programming language. (https://scormpool.com/luastudio/)

New play store 64-bit requirement:
I added android arm64 libraries with this version. Exporter updated to
version 3.0

Few new samples:
1. /StageWindow.lua
Its possible control main window position, size, title from code for
desktop targets now.
2. /3D/Away3D/Intermediate_ParticleExplosions/Main.lua
How to split images into particles.
How to share particle geometries and animation sets between meshes and
How to manually update the playhead of a particle animator using the
update() function.
3. /3D/Away3D/Intermediate_ParticleTrails/Main.lua
How to create a complex static particle behavior
How to reuse a particle animation set and particle geometry in
multiple animators and meshes
How to create a particle trail
4. /3D/Away3D/Advanced_TerrainDemo/Main.lua (Require internet
connection and good quality GPU)
How to create a 3D terrain out of a height map
How to enhance the detail of a material close-up by applying splat maps.
How to create a realistic lake effect.
How to create first-person camera motion using the FirstPersonController.
How to load assets from Web in thread
How to navigate using keyboard and touchscreen

Windows templates from Exporter now support EmmyLua's "Attach Debugger"
With this you can debug code, place breakpoints inside events and
threads. It's not remote type of debugger and doesn't require any
extra coding in your script. Integration instruction updated: