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[ANN] LuaSNMP 1.0.1

Herbert Leuwer
LuaSNMP is a library for programming Simple Network Management Protocol
(SNMP) client applications based on the net-snmp library.

LuaSNMP provides access to MIB definitions and supports all primitives
of SNMP version 1, 2c and 3. Message encryption is also possible.

The project is the continuation of LuaMAN , developed by Michele E. Lima
and Ana Lucia de Moura, which itself is based on the CMU library from
the Carnegie Mellon University and uses Lua version 2.5. I decided not
to integrate the LuaMan ICMP and DNS submodules into LuaSNMP, because
DNS access is now availabe through the excellent luasocket library,
which maybe also a better home for the ICMP stuff.

LuaSNMP can be downloaded from LuaForge at

Documentation is also available at