[ANN] LuaRocks 3.4.0

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[ANN] LuaRocks 3.4.0

Hello list,

Announcing version 3.4.0 of LuaRocks, the Lua package manager.
You can find all links at https://luarocks.org
— source packages for all supported platforms and binaries for
Windows (32 and 64 bit) as well as Linux x86-64 are available.

This release features commits by: Simone Liveri, daurnimator, François
Perrad, Pierre Chapuis, Casey Vega, Elliott Slaughter, Hisham

What's new in LuaRocks 3.4.0:

### Features

* `luarocks make` now supports `--only-deps`
* `luarocks make` new flag: `--no-install`, which only performs
  the compilation step
* `--deps-only` is now an alias for `--only-deps` (useful in case
  you always kept getting it wrong, like me!)
* `luarocks build` and `luarocks make` now support using
  `--pin` and `--only-deps` at the same time, to produce a lock
  file of dependencies in use without installing the main package.
* `luarocks show` can now accept a substring of the rock's name,
  like `list`.
* `luarocks config`: when running without system-wide permissions,
  try storing the config locally by default.
  Also, if setting both lua_dir and --lua-version explicitly,
  auto-switch the default Lua version.
* `luarocks` with no arguments now prints more info about the
  location of the Lua interpreter which is being used
* `luarocks new_version` now keeps the old URL if the MD5 doesn't
* `DEPS_DIR` is now accepted as a generic variable for dependency
  directories (e.g. `luarocks install foo DEPS_DIR=/usr/local`)
* Handle quoting of arguments at the application level, for
  improved Windows support
* All-in-one binary bundles `dkjson`, so it runs `luarocks upload`
  without requiring any additional dependencies.
* Tweaks for Terra compatibility

### Fixes

* win32: generate proper temp filename
* No longer assume that Lua 5.3 is built with compat libraries and
  bundles `bit32`
* `luarocks show`: do not crash when rockspec description is empty
* When detecting the location of `lua.h`, check that its version
  matches the version of Lua being used
* Fail gracefully when a third-party tool (wget, etc.) is missing
* Fix logic for disabling mirrors that return network errors
* Fix detection of Lua path based on arg variable
* Fix regression on dependency matching of luarocks.loader


-- Hisham