[ANN] LuaRocks 3.3.0

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[ANN] LuaRocks 3.3.0

Hello list,

Announcing version 3.3.0 of LuaRocks, the Lua package manager.
You can find all links at https://luarocks.org
— source packages for all supported platforms and binaries for
Windows (32 and 64 bit) as well as Linux x86-64 are available.

What's new in LuaRocks 3.3.0:

### Features

* **Dependency pinning**
  * Adds a new flag called `--pin` which creates a `luarocks.lock`
    when building a rock with `luarocks build` or `luarocks make`.
    This lock file contains the exact version numbers of every
    direct or indirect dependency of the rock (in other words,
    it is the transitive closure of the dependencies.)
    For `make`, the `luarocks.lock` file is created in the current
    The lock file is also installed as part of the rock in
    its metadata directory alongside its rockspec.
    When using `--pin`, if a lock file already exists, it is
    ignored and overwritten.
  * When building a rock with `luarocks make`, if there is a
    `luarocks.lock` file in the current directory, the exact
    versions specified there will be used for resolving dependencies.
  * When building a rock with `luarocks build`, if there is a
    `luarocks.lock` file in root of its sources, the exact
    versions specified there will be used for resolving dependencies.
  * When installing a `.rock` file with `luarocks install`, if the
    rock contains a `luarocks.lock` file (i.e., if its dependencies
    were pinned with `--pin` when the rock was built), the exact
    versions specified there will be used for resolving dependencies.
* Improved VM type detection to support moonjit
* git: Support for shallow recommendations
* Initial support for Windows on ARM
* Support for building 64-bit Windows all-in-one binary
* More filesystem debugging output when using `--verbose` (now it
  reports operations even when using LuaFileSystem-backed implementations)
* `--no-manifest` flag for creating a package without updating the
  manifest files
* `--no-doc` flag is now supported by `luarocks make`

### Performance improvements

* Speed up dependency checks
* Speed up installation and deletion when deploying files
* build: do not download sources when when building with `--only-deps`
* New flag `--check-lua-versions`: when a rock name is not found, only
  checks for availability in other Lua versions if this flag is given

### Fixes

* safer rollback on installation failure
* config: fix `--unset` flag
* Fix command name invocations with dashes (e.g. `luarocks-admin make-manifest`)
* Fix fallback to PATH search when Lua interpreter is not configured
* Windows: support usernames with spaces
* Windows: fix generation of temporary filenames (#1058)
* Windows: force `.lib` over `.dll` extension when resolving `LUALIB`

And here's a list of all contributors who added commits to this
release: Paul Ouellette, Andre Alves Garzia, Pedro Tammela, Stephen Baynham, François Perrad, Dude112113, daurnimator, InEdited, Hisham Muhammad.


-- Hisham