[ANN] Lua interface for CodeBase

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[ANN] Lua interface for CodeBase

Hakki Dogusan


- This is a binding of CodeBase(http://www.codebase.com/) -commercial-
database library.
- Only binary module supplied; unusable without codebase's engine.
(Can't open my code due to legal things..)

You may wonder why I'm ANNing here then :) Here it follows:

Binding generated with SWIG. I'm using SWIG to generate Python binding
of CodeBase for years. My prior trial to use it for Lua was unsuccessful
  (don't remember details). But this time it went smooth! It even
generates binding for overloaded member functions!

I believe SWIG deserves more interest from Lua coders :)

My sincere thanks to Mark Gossage and SWIG developers!

Hakki Dogusan