[ANN] Lua-iconv r3 released

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[ANN] Lua-iconv r3 released

Alexandre Erwin Ittner-2
Hi folks,

I just released a new version of the Lua-iconv bindings.

Iconv is a library that converts a sequence of characters from one
codeset (eg. ISO-8859-1) into a sequence of corresponding characters in
another codeset (eg. UTF-8). This is specially useful for text processing
applications that need to read data out from files or network sockets.

This release don't introduces any API changes, but only a few
documentation fixes and Debian/Ubuntu packages.

See http://luaforge.net/projects/lua-iconv/ for more information.

Alexandre Erwin Ittner - [hidden email]
OpenPGP pubkey 0x0041A1FB @ http://pgp.mit.edu