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[ANN] Lua Quick Reference Second Edition


Lua Quick Reference Second Edition is available from https://foicica.com/lua/ in print and e-book form. This book is an updated version of Lua Quick Reference and covers many of the features, changes, and incompatibilities introduced in Lua 5.4. Among the new content contained in this edition:

   * Local variable attributes, including const and to-be-closed variables.
   * Defining to-be-closed variable behavior.
   * Lua's new warning system.
   * The improved random number generator.
   * Changes to Lua's string and thread facilities.
   * Compiling Lua programs.
   * More details about user values in the Lua C API.
   * Various Lua C API additions and changes, including incompatible changes to the threading API.

The book's code examples have also been updated to use Lua 5.4 where applicable.