[ANN] LPegLabel 1.6.0

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[ANN] LPegLabel 1.6.0

Sérgio Medeiros-2
Hi, list.

I'm happy to announce LPegLabel 1.6.0.
LPegLabel is an extension of the LPeg library
that provides facilities for error reporting and error recovery.

For more details, please visit https://github.com/sqmedeiros/lpeglabel/

You can install LPegLabel by using LuaRocks:
luarocks install lpeglabel

What's new since 1.5.0:
  + updating LPegLabel to the codebase of LPeg (1.1.0?)
  + fixing bug related to head fail optimization
  + supporting grammars with more than 255 rules

Any feedback is welcome.