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[ANN] LPegLabel 1.5

Sérgio Medeiros-2
Hi, list.

I'm happy to announce LPegLabel 1.5.0.
LPegLabel is an extension of the LPeg library
that provides facilities for error reporting and error recovery.

Version 1.5.0 of LPegLabel is based on LPeg 1.0.1
For more details, please visit https://github.com/sqmedeiros/lpeglabel/

You can install LPegLabel by using LuaRocks:
luarocks install lpeglabel

What's new since 1.4.0:
  + new semantics for throw/recovery
  + strings can be used as labels
  + returns a position of the input string, instead of a suffix, in
case of an error
  + 'relabel' uses "p^lab" as syntax sugar for "p / %{lab}"
  - labeled ordered choice removed
  - recovery operator removed

Any feedback is welcome.