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[ANN] Idle 1.0.2

Thomas Lauer-3
Idle 1.0.2 is out. See http://idle.thomaslauer.com for details
about Idle and http://idle.thomaslauer.com/IdleDownload.html for

This is mainly a maintenance release, to update a few core library
components and the SQLite library. I've also added a couple of new
functions. See http://idle.thomaslauer.com/IdleChanges.html for a list
of recent changes.

I have also uploaded a snapshot of the current source tree. As it
stands, compiling the sources requires a mildly convoluted toolchain
based on stock MS C compilers but linking strictly against MSVCRT.DLL
only. This is not a requirement per se, I've just done it that way to
minimise runtime library dependencies. The sources should be seen a
starting point; they are far less polished than they could be... if I
had been able and willing to invest more time.

Download here: http://idle.thomaslauer.com/Idle102-source.zip . Some
details about the required tools and libraries are found in a README
included with the sources.

Idle is a compact, powerful scripting language based on Lua. It is
available for Windows 2000 and later systems. Idle is released under the
MIT licence.

cheers  thomasl

web: http://thomaslauer.com/start