[ANN] French Book On Lua Is Out

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[ANN] French Book On Lua Is Out

Patricia Moncorgé
Hello Everyone !

I am pleased to announce you that a french book on Lua is out !


The authors are three of you : Sylvain Fabre, Patrick Rapin, Philippe Lhoste, and a game developper Cyril Doillon.

The book has been designed in order to offer both tutorial and reference parts. Case studies are also planned for 2013.

It intends to be a gentle introduction to the Lua and its environment.

It aims at total beginners, for the bases of the language, as well as seasoned Lua programmers, since it also introduces advanced features like coroutines or metatables.

It covers the C API too, showing by the example how to make a wrapper for a C library, here the zlib one.

And it gives some concrete examples of Lua programming : how to make a mini Web server, how to write a dissector for Wireshark, among other things.

It gives an overview of the Lua ecosystem, giving an survey of the libraries in some domains (like the GUI frameworks), and a more detailed examination of other libraries, from LPeg to LuaSockets, from LuaPosix to LuaSQL.

It is available both in printed and in digital formats (online or downloadable). Parts and chapters can be bought separately. As printed book, it is made of two standalone books : Le manuel d'apprentissage and Le manuel de référence.  

Spread the word ! 

Best regards,