[ANN] Fire★ 0.8 released

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[ANN] Fire★ 0.8 released


Good news everybody!

New Fire★ 0.8 released has been released.

Fire★ is the "Grass Computing Platform". A platform for building
peer-to-peer GUI applications in Lua. Distributing your applications is
as simple as using them in a conversation with others. It has a built in
distributed application editor where you can do pair programming with
others. All communication is peer-to-peer and encrypted.

You can get the source code here:


You can download binaries for Mac, Windows, Linux and example apps here:


What's New in version 0.8

     * Big interface overhaul. The accordion interface is gone.
       Apps now run in their own windows within a conversation.
       You can resize, minimize, and maximize them.
     * New api function to set the application minimum width.

I invite anyone interested in contributing any way they can if they find
this project interesting.

Join the mailing list here:

     mailto: [hidden email]