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[ANN] Fire★ 0.11

Good News Everybody!

Fire★ (Fire Star) 0.11 has been released today.

Fire★ is a platform for building peer-to-peer GUI applications in Lua.
Distributing your applications is as simple as using them in a
conversation with others.

It has a built in distributed application editor where you can do pair
programming with others.
All communication is peer-to-peer and encrypted.

The source code is licensed under GPLv3 and is available on GitHub:


You can download binaries for Linux, Mac, and Windows here:


What's New in Version 0.11:

     - Improved App Editor. You can now see where the other
       people's cursors are or what they are highlighting in realtime.

     - Microphone is disabled by default and must be enabled for every
app requesting it.
       This is an obvious security improvement.

     - Many UI fixes and performance improvements.

I invite anyone interested in contributing any way they can if they find
this project interesting.