[ANN] Emergency GC patch release 5 for Lua 5.1.4

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[ANN] Emergency GC patch release 5 for Lua 5.1.4

Robert G. Jakabosky
The Emergency GC patch makes it safe to call the Lua garbage collector after a
memory allocation has failed.  This allows the garbage collector to free some
memory so that the failed allocation can be retried.  The patch also add
support for setting a limit on how much memory Lua scripts can allocate.

This new release include the sweep strings fix (i.e. to fix the bug with
loading large script files).
Also a new compile option LUA_STRESS_EMERGENCY_GC has been add to luaconf.h to
enable stress testing of the Emergency GC.

Here is the new patch:

Here is more info about the Emergency GC patch:

Robert G. Jakabosky