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[ANN] Arcan 0.5.5, Durden 0.5

Arcan Frontend
Hi everyone!
A bit over two years since last time I think so it is about time for a

Version Changes: https://arcan-fe.com/2018/09/27/arcan-0-5-5-durden-0-5
Long Reintroduction:
Short Reintroduction:
Arcan is a low-level multimedia engine with a sophisticated
multi-process scene graph setup that allows it to also act as a
desktop engine or desktop 'server'. It comes with Lua- programmable
interface both for high level graphics and for 'terminal protocol
free' text-UIs.

Durden is a dektop environment written using the aforementioned engine
(http://durden.arcan-fe.com) while starting out as a modest 'mostly
tiling' it has since evolved into covering pretty much every workflow
imaginable, even 3D and VR ones.