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[ANN] AlsEdit 0.1

Andreas Krinke
Hello list!

The first public release of AlsEdit is ready for download!

AlsEdit is a simple CGI based editor written in Lua which allows remote
changes to files and directory structures on a webserver. That's useful
if you aren't able to access the files on your homepage directly (e.g.
via ftp), for example if you are on holidays.

It's completely based on Dev-Editor ( http://devedit.sourceforge.net )
which is written in Perl. The source code was translated to Lua in order
to accelerate the execution on slower machines. I profiled the code
several times and made it as fast as I could. The result shows a
reasonable speed on a 33 MHz system with 16 MB RAM.

	* Directory listings
	* Viewing and editing of files
	* Copying, renaming and deleting of files and directories
	* Chmod and chgrp of files and directories
	* Creation of files and directories
	* Uploading of files (only recommended for files <1MB)

Homepage with screenshots: